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Rocco's Intimacy 2


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Tags: euro gonzo pov based schoolgirls

Description: This line is where John "Buttman" Stagliano thinks his long time star, Rocco, is at his best - one on one, with a girl in a context where he can put his really big, Italian cock to best use. Rocco and Buttman have followed a simple formula for porn success - go to a developing country, preferably one that begins with a B or an R (or an H or C), and pick very hot women, and fuck them. The focus in this tape is on Russian teens, apparently all in college at a nearby school, who stop by Rocco's room in St. Petersburg where he fucks and sucks them in a very low key, intimate manner. Standouts are Gabanna (Scene 1), who is unshaved, Lerica (Scene 2) who has a great ass, Yulya (Scene 3), who shows a body carved by "fitness" Russian style, 18 year old Madison (Scene 6), and Dasha (Scene 7), who is a dirty blond with a really beautiful, natural body.

Duration: 0:01

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